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The Bioactive Retinol Alternative + Nourishing Fatty Acids


Bakuchiol Seed Oil, the phenomenal plant version of renowned Retinol, meets moisturizing Rose Hip Oil and renewing Vitamin E

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This delicate, yet beautifully moisturizing oil contains an intensive dose of Bakuchiol Seed Oil, nature’s ground breaking alternative to the clinical anti-aging powerhouse, Retinol.

Discovered in clinical studies to create the same smoothing, healing, and cell turnover effects as the well known synthetic, the remarkable Babchi Seed delivers equally potent youth retrieving results without any of the irritations. 

Additionally, the prized Babchi works in orchestration with strategically chosen, deeply restorative Rose Hip Oil and Vitamin E, creating a potent, beautifying skin treatment. 

This luxurious facial oil imparts the utmost penetrating moisture, renewed firmnessvelvety smoothness, and vibrant elasticity.

Scent: an extremely mild, similar to light-coffee type of scent from the Babchi.

All skin types, including acne prone and sensitive.

USDA Organic, Vegan.

1 oz/30 ml

Directions: Dispense one to three pearl sized drops and spread on to fingertips. Due to concentration, a little goes a long way. Lightly dab around face and neck, and massage gently into skin with circular motions. 

TIP: For normal to oily skin, use at night for a lightweight, anti-aging treatment.

Please keep cap firmly sealed to protect the integrity of the organic ingredients and scents. Keep in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Use within 4 months once opened.

7 reviews for RESTORE

  1. Carol Price

    Thank you so much Yulin and Jade for this lovely product! I like that I won’t have ultra red skin from using an organic retinol oil! Love it!

  2. Rachel Gould

    I cannot use prescription Retin A. This retinol is gentle, it’s easy to add to my nightly routine and it doesn’t cause redness.

  3. Michele Ciancio

    An oil that is not too oily. My skin is dry and this is a fantastic product for me. This oil sinks in nicely and makes my face feel very smooth. If you use this at night you will wake up with a beautiful glow on your skin.

  4. Linda Hayskar (verified owner)

    Wonderful way to apply Retinol at night. No redness or peeling. The Restore oil is light and so much gentler. Your face will thank you in the morning

    Thank you Yulin and Jade. I received my 6 products during this stay at home period. Highlight of every day has been looking forward to my morning and evening rituals! Thank you both for these wonderful products😊

  5. Restore

    Rachel Ferrier

    This Restore Retinol oil is light and gives my face a glow and more radiance. I use it at night and my face feels smooth and great in the morning. This is one of the 6 products I purchased and I’m so glad I did. I see remarkable improvements on my skin texture and facial appearance.

  6. Ashley Jenkins

    Organic Retinol, need I say more? Gives a beautiful glow to the face and neck that will absolutely boost your confidence!

  7. Not heavy

    Hannah H

    I love this facial oil. A lot of face oils I have used are very thick and leave my face feeling heavy but this oil is so different. My face doesn’t feel heavy at all after putting it on my face and a little goes a long way so I don’t have to use a lot to cover my face and neck. It leaves my face glowing and hydrated.

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Full Ingredients List - RESTORE
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Psoralea Corylifolia (Babchi) Seed Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Seed Oil*

*Denotes organically produced ingredient


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