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About Yulin & Jade


A Message from Yulin & Jade

“YulinJade comes from the long held hope to offer the highest caliber products in all respects: luxury, purity, sustainability, and giving. And to deliver most of all, outstanding results from the purest, most extraordinary botanicals and superfoods in the world. We are immensely proud of this line; and grateful to God for it.”

Yulin Mazarin and Jade Mazarin are a close mother daughter team who utilize their combined experience as an esthetician and health consultant to provide others with exceptional skincare.


The Story

Yulin was born in Shanghai, China and became a famous singer at the age of 13 in Taiwan. After moving to the United States at age 18, she worked as one of the highest paid beauty consultants and makeup artists in New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

She spent the next 20 years in her own practice as an esthetician and makeup artist, before opening the renowned, Yulin’s Day Spa, in Vero Beach, FL. She has a total of 40 years in the skincare industry. Throughout those years, Yulin always dreamed of one day creating her own truly unique, clinically advanced skincare line.

Yulin’s daughter, Jade, is a Master’s level mental health therapist, Christian Clinical Counselor, and multi-published author. During her twenties, she began experiencing severe fatigue that doctors were unable to diagnose.

Jade began praying for guidance and healing, while heavily researching answers and natural health approaches to help get her life back.


A Mother-Daughter Dream Comes True

Over the next several years, Jade began to receive noticeable healing, which birthed her passion for a pure lifestyle and life-giving foods. Jade also recognized the connection between the mind and body, and decided to add health consulting to her counseling practice.

In 2014 she became certified as a Natural Health Consultant, and began sharing with others what she learned for herself. After learning from Jade’s new lifestyle, Yulin developed a new awareness of and appreciation for organic living.

Yulin then remembered her dream of creating a skincare line, and asked Jade to assist her in formulating a truly unique, highly exceptional organic line that would also yield clinically significant results.

YulinJade reflects this beautiful partnership between nature’s pure power and the utmost skin care.

Yulin and Jade dedicate this line to beloved husband and father in heaven, Sanford S. Mazarin, who achieved tremendous success in business, and who showed constant support, hope, and encouragement in their ventures. 

“We know he continues to support and join us through this heartfelt business.”  


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